Annual Soirée at Virginia Beach Festival Center

Name:     Annual Soirée at Virginia Beach Festival Center
Date/Time:     05-04-2018 06:00pm - 09:00pm
Price:     $40.00

Please join us for a festive evening to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2017-2018 League year at the Annual Soirée. Be sure to invite your significant other and/or friends!

The exciting program for the evening will include:

• Presentation of select Awards
• Presidents' Gavel Pass Ceremony
• Cheer and Laughter with League Friends and Guests
• DJ and dancing!

The ticket price for the event is $40.00, and includes dinner, one complimentary beverage, music, and more!

~In addition to the first complimentary beverage, a cash bar will be available for individual purchase of beer, wine and cocktails~

~ Dinner includes salad and our choice of entree (Ginger Soy Salmon, Teriyaki Grilled Chicken with Pineapple Tomato Salsa or Vegeterian option). PLEASE MAKE DINNER SELECTION WHEN YOU RSVP (Use the Comment Box to write Salmon, Chicken or Vegetarian)   

~ Parking available in the 9th Street parking garage. The rate is $2 per hour or daily max of $10. Garage open from 7am to 2:30am. 

Please RSVP by 1 pm - Friday, April 20, 2018! To RSVP:

Enter the number of guests you are RSVPing for (including yourself) in the Quantity field below and click the "Make Reservation" button. You will be directed to the payment page to purchase your tickets to complete the reservation.  If you are bringing a GUEST, please include GUEST'S FULL NAME in comment section with your DINNER SELECTION(S), salmon, chicken or vegetarian.    

Any cancellations after April 20th will be responsible for the cost of dinner. 


Festival Center on 8th & Atlantic Avenue
708 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451


Erika Compliment,

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Current Reservations: (sign in sheet)
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1 Bandy, Dayna  (+1 guest)
2 Britton, Elizabeth
3 Brown , Amanda  (+1 guest)
4 Clements, Erin
5 Cohen, Heather
6 Compliment, Erika
7 Cunning, Johanna
8 Cunning, Tineke
9 DeJarnette, Elizabeth
10 Dizon, Jennifer  (+1 guest)
11 Doyle, Katherine  (+2 guests)
12 Fletcher, Cristen
13 Fox, Candace  (+1 guest)
14 Gaffney, Melissa
15 Goodwin, Jillian  (+1 guest)
16 Gribble, Bobbie  (+1 guest)
17 Griggs, Debra  (+1 guest)
18 Hamann, Melissa  (+1 guest)
19 Hamlin, Daura  (+1 guest)
20 Hanley , Christa
21 Harland, Jenine
22 Holtzinger, Sarah
23 Jones, NeKeshia  (+1 guest)
24 Kahn, Leah  (+1 guest)
25 Kennedy, Emily
26 Lavalleur, Brittany  (+1 guest)
27 Lloyd, Amanda
28 Mann, April  (+1 guest)
29 Marshall, Kandice  (+1 guest)
30 Massie, Erikka
31 McIntyre, Natalie
32 McKenzie, Connie
33 McLemore, Austyn
34 Meier, Samantha
35 Miller, Shanon  (+1 guest)
36 Mitry, Hanan
37 Mora, Carolyn
38 Morris, Megan
39 O'Boyle, Chelsey  (+1 guest)
40 Rice, Erin  (+1 guest)
41 Schmidlin, Chelsea  (+1 guest)
42 Smith, Kathryn
43 Stolz, Kerry
44 Vasquez Del Favero, Nicolle
45 Weinstein, Verena
46 Williams, Tiffany  (+1 guest)
47 Zadrazil, Joanna

68 slots reserved